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General Signs & Service Ltd is the place to go in Edmonton for pylon signs and other specialty signage. We have large manufacturing capabilities and can design and create a sign to your specifications and branding. We will also install the sign for you and provide service, maintenance, and repair afterwards. We branch outside of the traditional storefront signage display to include more specialty ones, such as freestanding pylon signs. Showcase your business with flair and confidence, and attract customers to your store.

There are several different options for the types of specialty signs we can create for you, including:

  • Pylon signs

  • Message centres

  • Awnings

  • Large print signs

Pylon Signs

These tall, free-standing signs are great for increasing your visibility from a distance. They can range from a single-pole concept to an elaborate structure that works with your building’s architecture. They can be illuminated with neon lights, fluorescent signs, or by LED text, the latter of which allows for a changing message.

Message Centres

An electronic message centre is a perfect way to communicate with those who pass by your business every day. They can be programmed with text or animations to promote products, events, services and more.

Large Print Signs

Large format printed signs are perfect for trade show graphics, advertising displays, and point-of-sale presentations.

Signs are a great way to communicate your message to the world.

Call us today to order your custom sign and bring more business in.

Signage Services

We provide graphic design, sign installations, repairs, maintenance, and many other services.

Light up Your Life

Are customers in the dark about your business? That’s a sign you should get an illuminated sign.

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